1.3.14 Guidance on Completing a Closure Record


In October 2020, this chapter was updated throughout in line with local practice.


A closure record should be completed in all cases which extend beyond the 10 day assessment period. The Practice Standards require that where a case remains open for more than 10 working days a Child in Need meeting should take place which should result in a Child's Plan being formulated. It may be that after this meeting, the assessment can be written up and closed however this should be agreed at the Child in Need meeting and endorsed by the Senior Fieldwork Manager.

In all other situations where the recommendation is to close a case a closure record should be used.

A closure record should be added ensuring that the following headings are covered.

  • Child/young person's current address if different from above;
  • Reason/s for social care involvement since date of most recent referral;
  • Summary of progress achieved and positive outcomes. Give reasons for non or partial achievement of plans and impact upon child and family;
  • Has the ending of social work involvement been discussed with parent/carer?
  • Has the ending of social work involvement been discussed with child/young person if age appropriate?
  • Which professional(s) will continue to support the child?
  • State the name, designation and agency of the lead professional if identified and relevant to the circumstances;
  • Has the parent/carer been given a copy of the updated child's plan?

A closure record should be completed within 15 working days of a Manager's Decision or Supervision Record advising to close the case. Any remedial work should also be completed before this is authorised by the Senior Fieldwork Manager. Furthermore the Senior Fieldwork Manager will undertake a Compliance Review to ensure that all recording is in place and/or to be clear and take account for any gaps in recording that could be present.

After the closure record has been completed Business Support completes a number of tasks. It is therefore essential that all remedial work in terms of ending case recording is completed.

When families are being transferred to another area or team please refer to the Social Care Fieldwork Services Transfer Protocol (Updated May 2018).