7.1 Local Contacts

Sheffield Local Contacts

Caption: Designated Managers

Sheffield City Council

Assistance in obtaining the correct department details for contact.

Tel: 0114 27 34567 (general switch board)

Sheffield City Council Website

Sheffield Safeguarding Hub

For new referrals, 24 hours a day, in relation to children/young people (under 18 years) where there are safeguarding concerns.

Tel: 0114 27 34855

Website: Child abuse

Fieldwork Teams

Area teams allocated to children/young people.


North: 0114 20 39591
West: 0114 27 34491
East: 0114 20 37463

Website: Children's social care services

Multi Agency Psychological Services (MAPS)

Specific team in CAMHS for support with children/young people and their carers who are Looked After. Referral required from Social Worker. Tel: 0114 22 60876

Multi Agency Support Teams (MAST)

Early Help services for children/young people.


North: 0114 23 31189
West: 0114 25 06865
East: 0114 20 53635

Website: MAST: Professionals

Children's Involvement Team

Advocacy support for children/young people in Sheffield who are connected with Social Care. Tel: 0114 2288553

Children Looked After Service

Specialist team allocated to children/young people. Tel: 0114 29 30223

Children with Disabilities Team

Specialist team in relation to children with identified disabilities. Tel: 0114 27 35368

Preparation for Adulthood Team

Specialist team who support children with disabilities moving through in to adults services. Tel: 0114 27 35368

Virtual School

The Virtual School for Children Looked After promote and advocate the education of children/young people in care for Sheffield.

Tel: 0114 20 37790

E-mail: virtualschool@sheffield.gov.uk

Leaving Care Service

Specialist team allocated to young people 16+ who are currently or have previously been looked after. Tel: 0114 20 39060

Fostering Duty

For social workers and foster carers already registered in Sheffield Tel: 0114 27 34940

Fostering Recruitment

For people interested in becoming a foster carer Tel: 0114 27 35075

Fostering Placement Finding

For social workers trying to identify a foster care placement Tel: 0114 27 34532

Adoption Support Team

Assessment and support for children and families who have been adopted. Tel: 0114 27 35010

Connected Person Team

Assessment and support for children who reside away from birth parents. This could for example be via a Court Order – Child Arrangement Order or Special Guardianship Order. Tel: 0114 27 36489

Adult Social Care

First contact team – 24 hours a day in relation to adult safeguarding.

Tel: 0114 27 34908

Website: Report adult abuse

Private Fostering

For people who are private fostering a child/young person Website: Private Fostering

Sheffield Children's Hospital

  Tel: 0114 2717000

Safeguarding Support Unit (Sheffield Children's Hospital)
(Previously known as Child Assessment Unit)

Medical support via a professional referral for assessment by a paediatrician.

Tel: 0114 226 7803

Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm

If an urgent examination is required after 5pm, Phone Children's Hospital Switchboard
: 0114 2717000

Ask for the medical registrar on–call.

Sheffield Mental Health Services


Local support for when you're feeling low | Sheffield Mental Health Guide Website

Mental Health Services Contacts

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